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Wednesday, January 16 2019


BayTech Institute of Trades and Technology is registered as a Private Occupational Training Organization under the Private Occupational Training Act. BayTech was incorporated in 2005. The College is a member of  the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC).

The mandate of BayTech is to deliver high level technical skills training and education to students as well as the employability skills needed to land a job and keep it. Using our close ties with the leaders from various industries ensures our current programs meet the needs of the industry.

Furthermore, with the input from these leaders, we constantly review our curriculum and develop new programs to ensure that our courses can meet the ever-changing demands of today's business world.

Our mission is to educate and train students by providing an environment conducive in developing the skills necessary which enables each student to become more effective and productive in the development and use of modern technology.  
Why Choose BayTech?

Private career colleges are privately owned and are ready to respond to the ever-changing needs of business and industry by developing new courses and making changes in instruction that quickly become part of their programs. BayTech revises its programs to meet the needs of industry.

Instructors are chosen for both their knowledge and practical experience. Therefore, students are taught by experienced journeypersons.
Job search assistance is in place. A great deal of effort is put forth in order to gain employment for each graduate. The future of BayTech depends on it. BayTech is a member of many industry and trade associations. Those applying will have more assurance that their education will bear immediate reward.
Training Model
Classroom teaching, combined with hands-on learning allows students to retain more of what they learn. Our system recognizes that people learn in different ways. They may progress at their own learning rate within defined parameters. They are encouraged to make efficient use of time. An instructor is always available for extra consultation if necessary.

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