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U had turned in the bag for a long time, but can not find what you want it? In order to address female bag housed troubled, EverSimple exclusive development of a variety of michael kors handbags uk female multifunctional bag, with simple, practical principle, but also with within the 1st or the 2nd bags, it was emphasized laptop, camera protection and storage of daily necessities, consumers can according to personal needs, find the most suitable bag!

Founded in 2013 EverSimple, in January last year officially started selling on the Internet so far, has been selling more than 2,500 bags, the average monthly turnover michael kors crossbody bag uk of more than 400,000 yuan, 600,000 yuan season even rushed, strong brand characteristics more Let commodity repeatedly boarded Yahoo Kimo home, the increased visibility!

However, this girl bag designed to do, to solve the housing problem of female brand, from product hair like design to marketing, actually all from a male hand. EverSimple founder Xue Kenichi, 72 Ching-wen, a graduate of the Marketing Management Tai Keda group, he said, a student, he michael kors selma bag uk was very clear that they have to start, but will cut into the handbag market, and now wanted to feel full of incredible!

Xue Kenichi previous venture, had an e-commerce platform, responsible for managing the camera commodities. He found the camera brand for the development of the international market, product design has been gradually move closer to the female population, but the market michael kors trainers uk was not exclusively for women camera bag, as a hair like before the development of multi-functional bags female.

However, the early start did not go well. Xue Kenichi said he, after all, not a girl, there is no concept of handbags, in EverSimple first bag designed before he read at least tens of thousands of bags, draw information from a variety of channels at home and abroad website, women's magazines, etc., Look more michael kors uk sale will gradually have an idea!